Comparison of Milwaukee, Dewalt and Hitachi Cordless Tools

A cordless tool is a device that uses a battery to perform its electrical functions. It does not require hooking to a power supply. They are portable, thus, allowing more movement and faster accessibility to different parts of your project. There are several companies that offer cordless tools. The difference is in the speed, performance, cost and duration for changing the batteries.

Power and battery of tools : DeWalt 1st

Milwaukee, DeWalt and Hitachi are major brands in the market that provide several cordless tools. One of these tools is the 18v cordless drill. Milwaukee’s 18v cordless drill has a speed of 1850 rpm compared to DeWalt’s 2000 rpm cordless drill and Hitachi’s 1800 rpm cordless drill. DeWalt This shows DeWalt’s 18v drill is the most efficient as it is able to do the most work with its high speed. However, more speed means more power use, therefore, the battery will need more recharging than the other 18v cordless drills.

Warranty : Milwaukee wins

The most common feature for all three companies is their battery 3Ah capacity. Hitachi offers a life warranty for their cordless drill while Milwaukee offers a five year warranty and DeWalt offers a three year warranty. All 18v cordless drills from all three companies use a 1/2 inch chuck. When it comes to the cordless hammer drill, the Milwaukee’s has an 1850 rpm speed, DeWalt has a 2000 rpm speed and the Hitachi has 1800 rpm speed. DeWalt’s cordless hammer drill is the fastest, thus produces the most work. The Hitachi hammer drill produces the least work proving to be the least efficient. Milwaukee Customers who want to drill several holes into their wood work projects should go for the DeWalt cordless hammer drill if they are to get the most results. The DeWalt hammer drill uses the most power compared to Milwaukee’s and Hitachi. Customers should also consider the number of times their batteries will need charging depending on the work they are doing.

Cost : Dewalt is pricey

Cost is one of the most important factors most customers consider before buying cordless drills. Milwaukee, DeWalt and Hitachi produce efficient tools that used to be a bit expensive. As a result of emergence of many smaller companies producing cheaper tools, all three major players have been forced to decrease their costs as well. Therefore, customers can now find cordless tools at affordable prices from all three brands. However, DeWalt has the most expensive tool of the three.

Durability: Hitachi is most durable

Hitachi When it comes to durability, Hitachi offers the most durable cordless tools with a life warranty. This means that customers do not have to go through the process of buying new batteries and other drill parts as they will last longer. However, it all depends on how a customer takes care of his tools and what he uses his tools for. Judging by the reviews from buyers, most think Hitachi cordless tools are made of poor quality. Some say that Milwaukee cordless tools are also of poor quality, but not as poor as Hitachi’s. They say that DeWalt may be expensive compared to all three brands, but has the best quality tools of all the three.