Best Cordless Drill 2016 – DeWalt, Hitachi and Milwaukee

In 2016  cordless drill is a must have for every contractor’s toolbox, mechanic or even homeowner and there are three major brands for it : DeWalt, Hitachi and Milwaukee

Getting an expert review on the product would save you a lot of time so as you go through the article you’re guaranteed of getting a drill that will not only suit your job but also get you out of frustration of going the large number of the available models.

Factors for determining the best cordless drill

— You should compare drill specifications in terms of run-time and torque among others.
Testing several drills to determine which drives the hardest and can run the longest.

— Conduct some field survey on cordless drill owners and get their experiences.

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— Other factors should considered while buying a cordless drill include speed range, battery, number of volts and electronic brake. A drill with greater volts has more power but with a heavy battery thus the overall weight of the drill is increased.

— The battery type also affects the performance of your cordless drill. Lighter and a compact battery a major contributor to the best cordless drill which gives Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries an upper hand when compared to nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Li-ion batteries lasts for long time making them the better option for homeowners.

So what’s the best cordless drill in 2016

Each method has its own limitations, the best cordless drill in 2016 is selected by incorporating all of them. Am giving you information over specifications, real test results and customers experience on these drills.

Hitachi 18V DS 18DL1. DeWalt DCD780C2

This is my number one pick. It has enough power to handle any task within your household. Its body is compact, lightweight and it is comfortable in handling thus ideal for all-day work.

Its battery only requires 30 minutes to recharge. Its LED has 20 seconds delay hence keeps your work well illuminated.

2. Hitachi 18V DS 18DL

It has useful features such as work lighting, battery conservation tool for swishing high speed and low speed operations such as removing and driving screws.


It is very popular due to its powerful features. It is nice looking and sometimes you might mistake it for a toy. Its batteries can last up to day and has tons of torque and power. It has an incredible design and it is durable.

Milwaukee 2650-214. Milwaukee 2650-21

18V Milwaukee 2650-21 impact driver is powerful, fast and long lasting according to customers who are using it.

It is powered by Lithium-ion battery which takes about an hour to recharge. it also possesses an inbuilt battery gauge enabling you to manage your work. It is ideal for light household tasks and sometimes it suits professionals.

5. DeWalt DW059K 18-Volt

Its unique feature is that it has a good power to weight balance ration. This drill has proven to be an excellent tool due to its high quality and it possesses a lot of power. It is made of plastic body with a length of 16 inches, 14.5 inches in width and a height of 5.25 inches. It is easy to handle.

Any alternative for cordless drill?

Hammer drills offers an alternative with more power. They hammer the drill as while rotating giving driving force through brick, concrete and block. For furniture assembly you can choose a cordless screwdriver.